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About the company

  • El-Baqoury Batteries Company works in the field of trading and distributing car batteries for major international companies.

  • We aim to build a strong relationship with our customers by providing the best battery products at reasonable prices, distinguished service and a guarantee on all our products.


  • We are always developing in order to maintain our position in the field of battery trade, we have many special moments throughout our history, which we cannot overlook the importance of its role in determining our goals and excellence in our field.

  • We believe that those short moments is what makes our lives more exciting to provide the best.


3D battery        MAX-ACD        German Adler        German        Voltex        GT


  • We aspire to become one of the largest companies in the Middle East.

  • We have a group of brands and agents who contribute with their creative, technical and skill capabilities to provide a service with the highest accuracy and efficient.

  • We have a passion to make change in battery trade we aim to lead the market with the latest batteries and solutions that suit all customers.

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